The City of Greensboro and Lankford Security can Kiss my ASS

The City of Greensboro and Lankford Security can Kiss my Ass!  I received a ticket from a Lankford security while in a city parking deck in a parking spot for texting while driving.  I got off thanks to my lawyer.  The fines court etc $290 glad we pay taxes for that.  Well like every other Government who over spent got get somewhere.  Well maybe you should think about behavioral change now I just will never go downtown again.  I have paid that your crazy property tax rates no more from to ya’ll this year!!!!  Before you go and punish citizens and make them pay via tax for parking Garage and the outsourced security it would be nice if citizens had a chance to show that what the charge was is’t possible without a phone but deputy dog didn’t care lessoned learned I will never stop for a security guard or speak.  So enjoy the revenue too bad no business will get any.  Between the Bullshit ticket flash mobs and shootings just no groining.   Maybe it’s just me but I think you need to prioritize and stop the mobs and shootings! I guess all we can do is fire you election time!

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